Enter and be welcome!

The recent pandemic (2020-?) and the growth of telecommunications resources encourages a move from small gatherings in our various homes and large gatherings in faraway places to exploring the possibilities of going to the Grove together online.

As of now (approaching Samhain 2023) we are planning to celebrate the Sabbats using ZOOM. Dates and times will be posted on the opening page, as will other events that may be of interest.

The great challenge will be coming together prepared for the Journey.

We are open to conversation by email to: RedBird@SacredGroveSWC.org

Until we meet . . .

We welcome you to explore our beginnings in the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove and our sheltering Sacred Well Congregation.

Or you might look through Finding our way to the Grove, which provides two perspectives and a bare outline of the standard structure of our rituals.

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