Deep Cleansing

The initial request from a Seeker was for a spell to break whatever curse was continually disrupting an already-troubled life. After consulting three Elders for advice, the following solitary ritual is under development and review.


Secure a time and private place where you will not be disturbed. With intention, physically clear the space and yourself of sensory distractions. Optional: banish any Unseen unwelcome entities [see Starhawk’s Banishing Spell]

Settle yourself in a comfortable position with a chalice of fresh, clear water near at hand. Ground, center, and reflect for a moment on your intentions for this ritual.


We are each connected with all other beings, past and present, and with the events in our lives and theirs. With our outward senses, we can recognize those connections in the here-and-now, and with the eyes of memory, we can acknowledge those we encountered in the past. Talking Self, that part of us which names those connections, communicates about them with others.

Inwardly, profoundly, Deep Self knows those connections intimately, whether we have words for them or not, and Deep Self is at the core of our being and is One with the Universe.

Young Self, through the languages of the senses and of play, completes the whole, mediating between Deep Self and Talking Self. In this safe and sacred, personal space, we open to our inner worlds and encourage Young Self to come out and play.

The Working

In the first of three parts, The Request, speak the words of the rite out loud to the Universe at large, to the Divine collectively as Lord and Lady, and to yourself.

In the second part, The Opening, engage your inner and outer senses and imagination bringing the core of your being into alignment with its highest and proper Self in all its connections with the Universe.

In the third part, The Response, speak the words out loud and hear them as the response of the Lord and Lady.

Tn the fourth part, The Completion, welcome the changes into yourself and prepare to emerge from The Working renewed and unencumbered.

The Request

Lady and Lord, I ask that you hearken to my call.

If I, [your name here] , or any of my Kin, Kith, and Ancestors have offended you in any way, I am truly sorry.

If I have caused wrongful harm to Myself, my Kin, Kith, and Ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of Creation to the Present throughout all my lives, I am truly sorry.

If I have caused wrongful harm to people in my life or to their Kin, Kith, and Ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of Creation to the Present throughout all my lives, I am truly sorry.

Humbly, humbly I ask you, Lady and Lord, all the Seen and Unseen, and the present and the departed, for forgiveness. For forgiveness for all the errors, resentments, guilts, offenses, blocks, and attachments that I have created and/or accumulated from the Beginning to the Present …. Will you all forgive me and all involved, one and all?

Ho’oponopono (ASW variant), adapted to SG by RedBird

The Opening

Sit supported as straight up-and-down as you are can without stressing.

Look around, cast around with your senses. Be as relaxed and at home as you can, breathing normally.

Now, let the world outside of you take care of itself while you pay attention to you inside.

Eight Chakras

Feel where you rest on your base, where the Earth is pulling you and holding you in place. On your very personal and private parts. If you were a plant, this is where you would be sending down roots. Imagine your root area filled with a warm, red glow.

Now let your attention rise up a bit into your lower belly, including your reproductive and surrounding organs. Let this creative area be filled with a gentle orange glow.

Gently let your attention rise into your solar plexus – between navel and lower ribs – and see it begin to glow in a clear yellow light.

As you bring your attention up to the level of your heart, see yourself filled there with a healing green glow.

Just a bit higher, see the base of your throat begin to glow in a brilliant blue.

And higher still, your Third Eye, centered above your nose, begins to radiate a subtle but distinct indigo – like the deep night sky.

And then, at the top of your head, the glow becomes a beautiful purple.

For just a moment, be aware of a white light rising above you and flowing out to surround you.

Then, once more, observe the rainbow of colors, flowing upward through you, following the path of your spine, red flowing into orange – into yellow – into green – into blue – into indigo – into purple – and into the white.

Raise the chalice filled with water before you.

Breathe in blue fire and say all your names, preferably aloud even if just whispered. See all your names glowing within yourself in blue fire.

Sift through yourself and find whatever does not answer to your names and place those knots of dark and twisted light in the water. See the disturbance in the water. Breathe in blue fire again and transmute the water until it is clean. When it is clean, hold the chalice high and proceed to the next step.

The Response

[Speak for the Great Ones:]

Yes…. We that are One, Many, and All forgive you.


The Completion

[sprinkle the water on yourself]

Let this water release me from all from spiritual, mental, physical, material, financial, and karmic bondage and blockage that serves no greater purpose.

Let me be free to act for the betterment of myself and for all beings.

Remove all obstacles and let the flow of my life run through its natural courses unhindered.

Let all the unwanted, misplaced, misunderstood negative patterns that block, that tie, that bind, attach, and hinder; be cleansed, purified, and transmuted.

Great Ones, fill the spaces left by these unwanted energies and patterns with Divine power. Let light, love, peace, balance, wisdom, understanding, and abundance be made manifest within me, surrounding me, and upon my path.

Lady and Lord who have hearkened to my call, I offer you love, honor, and respect. In honor of you I will offer love to others as you have offered me.

So mote it be; so mote it be; so mote it be.



The Working, above, has its origin in the Hawai’ian ho’oponopono tradition, as adapted by Shakma Winddrum of the New Seed Sanctuary and provided to the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, where Ivo Dominguez adapted it to their tradition. It is here adapted to the Bhakti-Wiccan Tradition of Sacred Grove. In particular, the chakra alignment meditation replaces Ivo’s Third Pillar meditation, and the Lady and Lord are addressed in place of Goddess, God, And Divine Child.

The banishing ritual in the Preparations is taken from Starhawk: Spiral Dance: A rebirth of the ancient religion of the Great Goddess.  The three parts of Self — Young Self, Talking Self, and Deep Self — were also taken from Spiral Dance; they originated in the Faery Tradition.

I am grateful to Maggie Beaumont of ASW for suggesting the ho’oponopono to me.


Ho’ O’pono’pono (ASW Variant): The Ho’ O’pono’pono came to us through Shakmah and then I modified it. – Ivo

What is Huna: Basic Huna Ho’oponopono 

Starhawk, Spiral Dance: A rebirth of the ancient religion of the Great Goddess