Rites of Joining

Legal requirements for solemnization of marriage vary from State to State.  A legal marriage has civil requirements, formalized in signed paperwork defined by the State, and a ceremonial requirement requiring participation of an official authorized by the State to conduct the rite.

Sacred Grove clergy may officiate in accordance with the laws of the State in which the marriage takes place.

The wedding rituals included on this site show the two persons joining as Bride and Groom and are open to modification to show the two people by name — or by whatever term is acceptable to all concerned.  There are no differences between the roles, challenges, and vows of the two parties concerned.

In practice, Sacred Grove weddings are highly personalized, with the Bride and Groom taking active roles in developing the liturgy, staging, challenges, and vows.

A Wedding Ritual requires Priestess and Priest, North and South, East and West as (preferably) life-bonded couples, in addition to a Bridesmaid, a Groomsman, Bride, and Groom.  The circle is cast including those 10 persons and excluding the guests, for the sake of those who may not be comfortable within a cast circle.

A Ritual of Commitment combines the liturgy of the Sacred Grove with the essence of a Quaker wedding.