Our Kindred

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Sacred Grove Community Circle (SWC) in Fairfax County, Virginia, is an open circle welcoming people of all traditions and paths to our sporadic events and reaching out to serve our community, including people of any faith or none, in times of need.  Most of us are affiliated with other spiritual groups as well, and most of us follow winding and braided paths.  We meet in person and online, in the Sacred Grove, a place between the worlds, for refreshment of spirit and swapping yarns with others on the way.

Sacred Grove is grounded in the Bhakti-Wiccan tradition of the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove.

Sacred Well

We are one of the few civilian circles of Sacred Well Congregation  (SWC), a universalist, independent, non-evangelical Wiccan Church organized for the purpose of conducting and promoting religious worship on alternative spiritual paths. SWC is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Butler, Missouri, which provides open, public venues for the practice of the Old Religions, promotes community benevolence efforts, provides spiritual support, and offers religious educational programs.

Most of the other SWC open circles are on military bases, where they are open to all under the care of SWC-endorsed Distinctive Faith Group Leaders (DFGLs), who are under the authority of the military chaplains.  We are led by a Community Faith Group Leader (CFGL), who is an ordained minister and cleric priestess of SWC as well as a Witch and Priestess of the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove.

Like the military circles, we adhere to the Covenant of Five Tenets of SWC and are a 501(c)(3) charitable religious organization under their responsibility. Donations are welcome to further our outreach and charitable activities.

In the northern Virginia area, Sacred Grove facilitates connections among local Pagan clergy of all paths with respect to civic roles and needs.  Religious worship takes place in individual homes, outdoor locations, and within larger gatherings wherever appropriate.

On a cosmic scale and between the worlds, Sacred Grove is a nexus in the Unseen web of Pagan diversity, scholarship, service, and exploration.

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  1. I was wandering around in the ether and saw your name n something – so I wandred in here. Lovely web ste, lovly Lady! Blessed be your efforts.
    Granny E.

    1. Oh, my, Lady! How did I miss this? I was just setting out to update the bit on grounding and centering and found out I had comments!! Thank you so very much. I treasure your praise most highly and am blessed that you found this site. Blessed be, Grandmother. And much love to you and Himself. RedBird

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