The Covenant of Five Tenets

Sacred Well Congregation
Sacred Well Congregation
  1. We reverence the God and Goddess as the representations of the Divine Reality that is at once immanent and transcendent in and throughout all of the infinite creation. We celebrate the manifestations of the Divine Reality through Rites of Seasons and Rites of Passage.
  2. We live in reverence and respect of the Natural world, recognizing the Sacred Cycles of ebb and flow, birth and death, creation and destruction. We acknowledge the sanctity and intrinsic worth of all life forms, and in dearth of cause, will never by word or deed willfully cause harm to befall any creature, manifest or unmanifest.
  3. We affirm as inalienable the Right of every individual “either alone, or in community with others, in public or in private, to manifest his or her religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observation.” (Article 18, Universal Declaration of Human Rights). We recognize the responsibility of every individual for his or her own spiritual development and transformation, and that every individual is his or her own ultimate authority in all matters of spirit and religion.
  4. To the extent of available spiritual and material resources, we will: teach those who seek; aid those in need; comfort those who for reasons of religion, conscience, ethnicity, or sex suffer oppression; and resist tyranny in all forms.
  5. We live in peace and tolerance with all of humanity, neither converting to, nor seeking to convert those of other faiths and practices.

Declared this Day of Midsummer 1994 c.e. at Hainin, Belgium