From Yule to Imbolc

Wheel of the YearFrom a season of exploring within, deep learning and questioning; grounding and centering, we approach Imbolc as an opportunity to awaken, emerge, and venture forth.

Who will we be in the spring to come?

What will we do?

What will we need to do it?

Some additional resources:

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from Selena Fox at Circle Sanctuary

A Song of Pilgrimage

Before I ventured forth, even while I was very young, I sought Wisdom openly in my prayer.
In the forecourts of the temple I asked for Her, and I will seek Her to the end.
From first blossom to early fruit, She has been the delight of my heart.
My foot has kept firmly to the true path; diligently from my youth have I pursued Her.
I inclined my ear a little and received Her; I found for myself much Wisdom and became adept in Her.
To the One who gives me Wisdom will I give glory, for I have resolved to live according to Her Way.
From the beginning I gained courage from Her, therefore I will not be forsaken.
In my inmost being I have been stirred to seek Her, therefore I have gained a good possession.
As my reward the Almighty has given me the gift of language, and with it will I offer praise to God.

Ecclesiasticus 51:13-16, 20b-22