Challenges with blocking

For a large circle (10 or more participants), following a Warning delivered outside the ritual space

Two Quarters come together at a Gate and make an arch with their athames through which the Bard steps into the circle.

The other two Quarters bar her way and deliver the Challenge to her.

When the Bard has answered the Challenge, she replaces one of the challenging Quarters, who leaves the circle.

Next the Priest steps through the arch to be challenged by the Bard and the remaining Quarter. When he has answered the Challenge, he takes the place of the remaining Quarter, who leaves the circle.

Then the Priestess steps through the arch to be challenged by Priest and Bard.

When she has answered the Challenge, she takes the place of the Bard and the two Quarters forming the arch leave the circle.

One by one, the Quarters and all other participants now enter the circle by answering the Challenge of the Priest and Priestess. To speed the entry of large groups the four Quarters can deliver the Challenge at one or two additional Gates after being re-admitted themselves.

First Challenger asks:

Who answers the call of the Lord and Lady?

Participant responds.

Second Challenger bars the way

Second Challenger asks:

Will you open your heart to Their touch?

Participant responds.

First Challenger clasps participant’s hands and draws participant into Circle

First Challenger speaks:

Then enter, and be welcome.