Once we are between the worlds, we explore and interact with all present, Seen and unSeen, from our individual inner worlds — and allow those worlds to connect and reveal this place between the worlds to us. We ground and center, then settle into meditative trance together, carefully withdrawing our attention from the physical world around us, assured that if our attention is suddenly needed there, we can quickly return to full attentiveness to respond. We are each responsible for and in control of our own state.

The Imbolc ritual, LightSeeker and the Lady, begins The Working with the Bard leading the trance induction moving us from our places in the Circle to the place of mystery between the worlds.

We have learned that, with practice, it is possible to speak aloud while remaining in trance, and we do so, checking in with each other and sharing our experiences in the inner world. We know this sharing to be safe, as we are with trusted companions bound by the claimed sacred space and open to the presence of the most sacred.

The pathworking is a journey through this liminal space. One participant leads us from place to place, encounter to encounter, and we each contribute as the experience unfolds.

Among the Yule rituals in the Book of Shadows, Mystery of Beginning includes a journey from Great Tree to Sword to Cup to Standing Stones, which could be expanded and led on its own in another ritual.

A Spring Equinox Rite, among the Ostara resources, includes a pathworking which is entirely led by the Priest, where the rest of us listen silently and allow our imaginations to fill in the story.