Book of Shadows

We live in reverence and respect of the Natural world, recognizing the Sacred Cycles of ebb and flow, birth and death, creation and destruction. We acknowledge the sanctity and intrinsic worth of all life forms, and in dearth of cause, will never by word or deed willfully cause harm to befall any creature, manifest or unmanifest.

from The Covenant of Five Tenets

Most of the rituals in this Book of Shadows take place in The Sacred Grove, the ritual reality established in the Bhakti-Wiccan tradition. The preparatory elements in the liturgy affirm the presence of four Teachers: a living Tree in the South, a great Sword in the East, a Cup in the West, and one or more Standing Stones in the North. The Sacred Grove itself is the home of the Lord and Lady, Whose presence is our ultimate goal.

journey to the Grove

Rituals and lore are collected here for sustaining the Tradition, Liturgy, and life of the Grove and for celebrating:

The Wheel of the Year

Rites of Passage

Rites of Compassion