Reading Room

In the name of the Lady of Light, and in my own name,
I claim this circle as a place of Men.
Let all who enter be bound to speak and hear the Truth.

Pagan Perspectives

Under the Ancient Oaks: Musings of a Pagan, Druid, and Unitarian Universalist the blog of John Beckett consistently has good, relevant articles

What is Contemporary Paganism by Christine Hoff Kraemer, PhD

Pagan Sacred Texts by Yvonne Aburrow

Iter Facere “To make a journey” by Larry

A Statement of Hospitality — Heathen by Ember Cooke

Monotheism vs. Polytheism by Dan Holdgrieiwe

From Wider Perspectives

The Jesus Story from Online Book of Shadows

Science proves God (MIT) by Gerald Schroeder, PhD

Spiritual Housekeeping for Magical Warriors

The Many Faces of Wiccan Divinity — Patheos, 7/2/2015, by Sable Aradia

Spiritual Buffets and the Value of Traditions — Patheos, 7/9/2015 by John Beckett

Ritual resources

A Ritual for the Elements by Gwion Raven

An Inclusive Great Rite Blessing Fellowship of the Sacred Grove

Beltane for Kids

Winter Solstice from Witches and Pagans blog 2014

Khalila RedBird’s

Theological Education Equivalency by Sandra Lee Harris, MDiv (Khalila RedBird)

Chaplain: @Home in a Crisis — An Attitude of Hospitality for Crisis Chaplaincy by Sandy Harris SB / Rev. Khalila RedBird 7 December 2011 for Cherry Hill Seminary: Survey of Chaplaincy Fall 2011

Code of Ethics

Reconsidering Hell

Glittery Bootprints

Seen and unSeen — from RedBird’s Worldview

Community – Here and Now

Peace and the Language of the Unheard by Cat Chapin-Bishop about the meaning of words and wishes for Peace in the context of #BlackLivesMatter and the example of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

on Religion — Bishop Desmond Tutu

May They Not Have Power Over Us by Vivianne Crowley