A caution against Pagan fundamentalism

Aed Dubh comments oHughn the Therioshamanism blog for January 16, 2013

A caution against Pagan fundamentalism

It’s worth pointing out that the author gets misunderstood by some commenters- as far as I can tell, Lupa is not saying that polytheists are more likely than other Pagans to be fundamentalist, just that the polytheism discussion brings the concept up…

Non-denominational Natural Burial site in Virginia — by Aed Dubh

Hughby Aed Dubh

So, I get my spouse a Monastery fruitcake every year for Yule (she is one of Those Who Love Fruitcake…).  I must have ended up on Holy Cross Abbey’s mailing list, because I just got an email about their natural cemetery:


Pricing looks reasonable, their policies are environmentally-friendly, and you do not need to be Catholic or even Christian:  “There is not a religious affiliation requirement at Cool Spring, but elements of your specific religious tradition may be incorporated into your burial service.”

on Religion — Bishop Desmond Tutu:

“And you have to remember that religion is of itself neither good nor bad. Christianity has produced the Ku Klux Klan. Christianity has produced those who killed doctors that perform abortions. Religion is a morally neutral thing. It is what you do with it. It is like a knife, a knife is good when you use it for cutting up bread for sandwiches. A knife is bad when you stick it in somebody’s gut. Religion is good when it produces a Dalai Lama, a Mother Teresa, a Martin Luther King.”         — Bishop Desmond Tutu