Dramatic Warning and Challenge

Bard speaks:

The Warning

We gather tonight to open the veil between the worlds, to meet the Lord and Lady, and to claim our heritage as Their children.

This is not safe.

The Lord and Lady are good, but They are not safe.

To encounter Them is to be changed.

Why have you come to this place?

Are you ready to lay aside the veils which hide your true self?

Are you ready to give up the jewels whose dazzle blinds you?

Are you ready to set your bare feet upon a long and difficult path?

Any who are not prepared to meet Them with reverence, love, and trust should leave now.

Pause to allow opportunity to leave. If ritual is being performed inside, this is an appropriate point to close and secure the doors.

Those of you who have chosen to walk this path, prepare yourselves to meet God and Goddess.

The Challenge

Who seeks to enter this circle?

Pause for response.

Will you support and defend your companions in this quest?

Pause for response.

Do you swear to use that which you learn in this circle only in service of the good?

Pause for response.

Are you ready to meet the Mother and Father of All life?

Pause for response.

Then enter and be welcome.