Liturgy of the Sacred Grove

The Fellowship of the Sacred Grove established the basics of our ritual, providing an outline we follow when constructing new rituals. The familiar pattern adds to the continuity that sustains the Grove as a unique and living Tradition.

The Ritual Structure provides the outline and scripted liturgy of our rituals. With The Preparations we call the Grove into being, in our individual inner worlds and, collectively, between the worlds. We conduct our intended Working in sacred space, then move as we are called into the Sacred Grove.

The Mystery, culminating in our arrival within the Presence of the Lord & Lady in the Grove, is the highlight of our spiritual experience and the purpose inherent in the Liturgy.

The rites and rituals detailed in the Wheel of the Year, Rites of Passage, and Rituals of Compassion are alike in following the Ritual Structure and differ in the Mystery:

The Mystery

Welcoming the Lord & Lady

The Working

Priest and Priestess lead participants in settling into a relaxed state, grounded and centered, then present to the Circle in readiness.

The Charge of God and Goddess may be included in the Working.

Magical workings, if planned, precede the Journey to the Grove.

The Presence

In the Sacred Grove, there is no scripted liturgy.

in the grove 2