Enter and Be Welcome

The Sacred Grove is a place of Spirit, a Community, and an active node in the Sacred Web of Life.

Home Circle - facing southeast
Home Circle – facing southeast

Our northern Virginia gathering places may be out of range, but for this page, where you are welcome to explore with us.

Home Circle - facing southwest
Home Circle – facing southwest

Venture from here to seek the wild places of Spirit and share our resources for connecting with each other and the Unseen.


Explore the contributions of our clan, friends, and community and the fragments of wisdom gathered on our journeys.chaplain


Join us in continuing to weave, support, and extend the Web which connects us all in the diversity and combinations that are the glory of Life.

Sacred Grove Circle (SWC)
Sacred Well Congregation
Sacred Well Congregation
Signatory to Charter for Compassion
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Affiliate of Rising Sun Outreach Ministry