Charge of the God and the Goddess

— Wilddragon

The charge is normally delivered by a woman (here designated as She) and a man (here designated as He) speaking the words of the Goddess and the God. Depending on the ritual, these parts may be taken by the Priestess and Priest, or may be spoken by others (normally West and East) in response to the invocations of Priestess and Priest.

The Bard in Sacred Grove ritual has the role of a master of ceremonies, beginning and ending the ritual, announcing transitions, and responding to interruptions, disruptions and mishaps. If a ritual has no Bard, these introductions may be delivered by some other appropriate person.

Bard speaks:

Hear now the words of the Great Mother who is called Isis, and Freya, and Brigid, and many other names.

She speaks:

Think not that I am far from you, for you can see my visage in the moon, and hear my voice upon the wind. I am the silence of the sea, and the secret of the standing stones. I am the beauty of the green earth, and the mystery of the stars. I am the Mother of all things, and the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe. I am the source of your beginning, and I am the fulfillment of your desire.

Bard speaks:

Hear the words of the All Father who is called Osiris, and Woden, and Lugh, and other names beyond counting.

He speaks:

You know me not, but I am with you. My face is the sun, and my voice the thunder. I am the strength of the forest, and the keenness of the sword. I am the rune giver; the patient teacher; the revealer of secrets. I am the warrior, the defender of the weak and the companion of heroes. I am the Horned One. I am the gateway to the Mysteries, and I am that which Mystery reveals.

She speaks:

Arise and come unto us, for mine is the womb that bore thee and the breast that nursed thee. Your joy is our joy, and your sorrow, our sorrow. We would teach you the ways of healing, and the joys of love, for our law is love unto all beings. We give the knowledge of the eternal spirit, and beyond death we give peace and reunion with those who have gone before. We would lead you to love and to freedom. Call on us, and we will show you the hidden paths.

He speaks:

Follow my white stag into the deep forest. There is mystery in the wild places, and a path that leads between the worlds. The path is not easy, for it leads to that which cannot be given by another. Those who would share our freedom must create it anew within their own hearts. But no one who walks that path walks alone. Fear not to call on us, for we have not forgotten our Children.

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