Strengthening the Sacred Web of Life

Gilbert McBride ( is a Christian minister whose life has been made miserable, even as he mourned the death of his wife, because he dared to perform weddings for same-sex couples.  He is restarting his ministry sharing words of Love and resilience.

Sacred Grove has donated in support of his intentions and efforts.

You are invited to support him as well, or to support Sacred Grove in our mission at Donate to Sacred Grove.

Published by

Khalila RedBird

Khalila RedBird is Priestess and CFGL of Sacred Grove SWC and a Dedicant of the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove, where she was ordained Priest in 1995. She is Ordained Minister and Cleric Priestess of Sacred Well Congregation and holds a Master of Divinity in Pagan Pastoral Counseling from Cherry Hill Seminary. She serves as on-call Chaplain in a local hospital and in the Fairfax County Community Chaplain Corps.

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